Increasing Serendipity: Cultivating the Unexpected


Serendipity is an incredible concept, defined as “the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.” One of the best examples is the discovery of penicillin. When Scottish biologist Alexander Fleming left a Petri dish of cultured bacteria out on his countertop while on vacation, he returned to find mold had contaminated the dish and killed all the bacteria. This unexpected event led to one of the greatest medical breakthroughs of all time. Talk about a stunning victory for serendipity!

But here’s the exciting part: while we can’t directly seek serendipity, we can create environments where it’s more likely to occur. Here’s how you can cultivate your own Petri Dish of Serendipity:

1. Increase Your Surface Area of Luck

Luck and serendipity go hand in hand. To get luck on your side, you need to increase your Surface Area of Luck. Here’s how:

  • Do More of What You Love: Engage frequently in activities you’re passionate about.
  • Share Your Journey: Tell more people about what you’re doing and why you’re passionate about it.

The formula is simple: Luck = (Passionate) Doing x (Effective) Telling.

If you’re struggling with the telling part, here are two powerful ways to create your own Petri Dishes of Serendipity:

  • Join Masterminds: Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who challenge and inspire you.
  • Post Content Online: Share your insights and experiences on blogs, social media, or other platforms to attract unexpected connections and opportunities.

2. Expand Your Comfort Zone

Let’s take it a step further. To truly cultivate serendipity, you need to expand your Comfort Zone. Here’s how:

  • Seek New Challenges: Don’t settle for the default state of existence. Look for opportunities to push beyond your current boundaries.
  • Grow Your Capacity: As you take on new challenges, both you and your Comfort Zone will grow, increasing the Surface Area of Your Life.

Here’s the catch: The more you grow, the harder it becomes to find the edges of your Comfort Zone. This is why many people stagnate after reaching a certain level of success—their Comfort Zone outgrows their hunger for new challenges.

But here’s the good news: You can break this cycle. The most fulfilled people continually seek new experiences and challenges. They embrace the unknown and expand their Surface Area of Life, creating endless opportunities for serendipity.

In conclusion, while you can’t force serendipity, you can create the right conditions for it to thrive. By increasing your Surface Area of Luck and expanding your Comfort Zone, you’ll invite unexpected and beneficial events into your life. Embrace the Petri Dish of Serendipity and watch as chance and opportunity intertwine in remarkable ways.

Now, go out there and create your own luck!

Source: Anthony Vicino