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My name is Ash Srivastava and I live in Toronto, Canada. I am the editor, writer, composer, designer, creator etc responsible for OnePowerfulWord.com. My goal here is simple, to inspire you whether you like it or not :)

Everyone has their own definition of success and when I was young I discovered, "You can be anything You want, You simply need to change Your mind, belief and self image". This blog is my quest to help YOU become the best version of yourself and be anything that you want.

Why should you listen ?
I may still be in my twenties but I have traveled to more that 25 countries for business/adventure. I have met thousands of people and talked to them about their life philosophies and wisdom. I have talked to beggars and I have talked to CEOs. I have lived in Canada, India, Greece and US. I started my own consulting company in 2006 and have never looked back. I advice Fortune 500 retail giants on customer behavior. If 7 years ago someone told me I can attain all this I would not have believed them. It all started with a simple resolution that I can change my mind/belief/self image and that will change my outside world. Reading good books and practicing good advice, trial/error and persistence has made me reach here and I want to share it with the world.

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I am also a strong supporter of KIVA. You can view my KIVA profile here. I have currently loaned money to 97 people in more than 30 countries. I am not telling this to impress you but to impress upon you that anyone can make a difference, so please go join KIVA.org

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Let’s help everyone become the best version of them.

Ash Srivastava

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