7 Focus Phrases to Get in Touch With Yourself and Get a copy of 'Tapping The Source'

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It was last year when I got my hands on Tapping the Source and I realized it would be an manual to get in touch with myself in 2 minutes.  "Tapping the Source" starts with how authors serendipitously collaborate on the wisdom of the Master Key System introduced by Charles Haanel. In the past I have also done Master Key System Summary which you also can read on this website.

Haanel’s viewpoint is how being one with the Universal Mind (Creative Spirit, Infinite Creator, or Divine) can influence the people and events around us into making our aspirations come true. "Tapping the Source" stands out from other self-help books because of the Focus Phrases. A precise Road-Map of seven focus phrases which with training can help us get in touch with ourselves in seconds.

Seven Focus Phrases

I chose to focus enjoyably inward

2. I am now in the Silence
3. I am open to receive guidance from my source
4. I know what I want
5. I feel connected with creative power
6. My vision is right now perfect and complete
7. Each new moment is manifesting my dream

The video is a Daily Reminder of the 7 Focus Phrases. You can also find Guided Meditation of the Focus Phrases.

The book takes you through the process of practicing a meditation for getting clarity on your inner-most desires. If you were pulled on to a path designed by your ego, it may not be the thing that serves you ultimately and your efforts may leave you feeling frustrated or unfilled. This practice is designed to open you to your deepest longings so you feel strong and confident that you are designing the life you truly long for and have the support of the universe behind you.

Use these focus phrases along with EFT to get yourself in a vibratory state that matches what you want. By clearing your emotional "upsets" or "resistance" that come up around the things you want, clear out these energetic blocks and make manifesting much smoother and more relaxing process. Since we're all energy, and manifesting is a practice of matching our vibrations to our passions (and of course "taking action"), using EFT along with the Focus Phrases will work wonders. I have attached a link below to learning EFT in 5 min. These 7 focus phrases are powerful and can have an enormous impact on your life.

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Thanks to BetterLifeManual.net and ‘Tapping the Source’ publishers for these goodies.

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