10 ways to a powerful life !

It was by accident that I heard about Wayne Dyer, I was at a client location and was talking to a fellow consultant at lunch about Michael Losier's book Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don't. He mentioned Wayne Dyer and started talking about him with the same enthusiasm with which I was talking about Michael Losier. His enthusiasm got me and I decided to borrow a set of tapes from him and listen to Wayne Dyer. The more I listened the more it made me see the underlining principles of Law of Attraction and how everything is linked to spirituality.

The tapes i listened to were called "Its never crowded along the extra mile" and was him talking about all the knowledge he has gathered over the years and about which he has written in his books Your Erroneous Zones, There's a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem and Getting in the Gap: Making Conscious Contact with God Through Meditation (Book with CD). Now you do not have to go and read these books but i am providing it for reference or for the inquisitive mind

So in no particular order 10 principles/secrets for a more powerful and fuller life:

1) Have a mind which is open and attached to nothing
- There are no boundaries.
- Put your thoughts on what you want. If your thoughts are on what others think of you, you will become that.
- Never focus on the problem more than a few moments.
- Focus and put your thoughts off of what is and put on what you intend to manifest.
- Look at what you believe is impossible and rewrite your agreement with reality and make it possible for you.
- Live your life detached from outcome. I am not motivated by the outcome. I am not motivated by other people's approval.

2) Don't die with your music still in you
- You come into the world with nothing and you leave the world with nothing, you cannot have anything. The only thing you can do with your life is give it away, serve others.
- Meditate of earth without you on it and you will see what you want to do while you are alive.
- Move into the direction of serving. Your job is not to say how? but say 'YES'.

3) You can't give away what you don't have
- Love yourself to give away love.
- Energy comes in low and high and moves fast and slow. Everything is energy. There are no problems, there is only energy moving. Low energy thoughts weaken us. Spiritual energy is the fastest energy in the universe. All problems show up in the world of solid(slow energy). If we bring spiritual energy(fast energy) the problem is solved. Bring higher and faster energy in presence of slower and lower energy.
- Appreciate rather than depreciate, moves you into synchronicity with Energy of love,cheerfulness,kindness, peace(higher energy)...when this energy is brought into your problems then problems cannot survive.
- You are energy which is moving and vibrating at a frequency. Meditation slows down thought and raises your frequency.
-The problem with force is it creates counter force. If you react to these lower energies you create a magnified lower field, instead of reacting, act with higher energy.
- If you die while you are alive(detach yourself from what people think), you enter into the world of spirit. And bring that higher energy in this world.

4) Embrace silence
- Sound is made by silence between the notes. Meditate everyday and put your attention and energy to what you intend to manifest with passion and then surrender and let go.
- Surface of the POND has disturbance but deep below the pond there is CALMNESS. Same with your mind it is full of chatter reduce the thoughts by meditation.
- Whatever it is you want to create it is out of the void.You can never divide the silence. Creation happens with the gap between thoughts.

5) Give up your personal history
- Is it possible for the wake to drive the boat? No. Thus is also true for your life. The boat is driven in the present moment by the motor. Thank for all the past falls and struggles. Your life is going the way it is because of the choices you have made.
- Build yourself to be free from what somebody will say or think or use against you. Friends, relatives, parents, peers, girls, co-workers.
- Self-reliance...learn to rely on yourself, and get things done by yourself.
- Do not spend your time thinking about your past or facts of your life.
- Don't bond to your wounds or stick to your labels.
- Live in now free with love of god.
- Don't be bonded to the past. Do not use it to get attention to yourself.Its about letting it all go. I can never fail at anything.

6) You can't solve a problem with the same mind that created it
- Think different. Conceive yourself as you can do anything which can be done.
- Every limitation is the source of your reality and the willingness to shift out of that reality.
- Any limitation is because of the thought you have.

7) There are no justified resentments
- Rid yourself of resentments.
- Don't defend your depression and sadness. Accept responsibility for your pain.
- I accept the problem and by accepting it I will now work towards manifesting the solution and that which i desire.
- Level 1- don't blame, forgive all and everyone who has offended you.
- Level 2- give Love, give love to all forms of lower energy anger,hatred, jealousy, envy, pride. Give love in response to EVERYTHING. Pray for others to have the same things that you want and give love.

8) Treat yourself as if you already are what you'd like to be
- Children are very good of having in their mind what they are willing to attract.
- LAW:If you form a picture in your mind of what you will like to be and you keep and hold that picture long enough you will soon become like that.
- If you get a picture in mind, act on that picture and dormant forces come alive.
- Getting a picture so strong and then acting as if you are that picture.
- Synchronicity is where you don't have to have an experience and look back upon it. You are not looking for an answer in what is happening rite now. You are able to get out in front of your life and you are being able to see it come before it arrives and you are able to put your attention on something called intuition and insight, which is the energy behind creativity(the process of creation). And so now you are always out here waiting as your life is unfolding. You start witnessing it and have access to higher energy.
- Success is about bringing higher energy into lower.
- There are no co-incidents, nothing is an accident, everything is part of the perfection.
- If there are no accidents, at what point do you have a free will? The answer is that the same time that you are a protagonist in your life, you are also an extra in a much larger drama. You are doomed to make choices.
- You are making choices, you have the ability to attract anything in your life anything you want.
- There is an intelligence into which you can connect and can access anything you put your attention on, its all part of the perfection.
- When you only have love to give away, you reach higher frequencies. Then you can see things coming by intuition.
- If you are willing to take responsibility for your acts of crime which have come your way without guilt. I OWN THEM THEY ARE MINE I HAVE ATTRACTED THEM FOR SOME REASON. I have attracted these accidents in my life, I don't understand why but i know its mine. If you are willing to take responsibility to what has happened to you without guilt and let love flow.
- See yourself as that picture and let no one tell you you cannot. Don't measure success on the basis of whether people listen to your CD or read your book, you measure success by seeing yourself on the road that is hardly ever crowded and you are enjoying what you do because you see yourself as someone who could not be any place else. You no longer find enlightenment through suffering, you no longer find enlightenment through having an awareness in the moment of what it is you need to do to learn the lesson that is happening for you right now. You are now a person who is in front of you and you can see it coming. That makes you a master
- You detach yourself from the outcome. Accept and move on and accept that gods plan is working.

9) Treasure your divinity
- Self reliance - Why are you running behind something which was written before you when your own thought is more powerful. Listen to yourself and you will become the master. The only problem is your ego's belief that you are separate from god.
- Ego the part of you who always wants to show people you are right. Rid the ego. Lowest level of consciousness is EGO consciousness. EGO divides and make us feel better.
- Its not about fitting in.
- To treasure your divinity practice being kind rather than being right.
- In the interconnected universe, every improvement we make in our private life changes the consciousness of the entire system(unity consciousness).
- Every thought is a permanent record and ever so slowly we move.Omnipotent,Omnipresent,Omniscient.
- you are like a glass of water taken from ocean, You are part of god. Like the glass of water is away from the source and it faces problem, it evaporates changes form and that is what you are doing write now changing form. While you are separate from your source you loose all the power of your source. Become conscious of your divinity that you are capable of influencing this energy.

10) Wisdom is avoiding all thoughts that weaken you.
- All powerful people have a source of power higher than them.
- All great teachers have been teaching ways to empower us. And they continuously align themselves with powerful attractor.


  1. Yeah..well..after reading "Power Vs. Force" I was really excited about Hawkins until I read his latest "Truth vs. Falsehood." Have you read it, yet?

    Just a few FYI-

    Bush and many in the war in Iraq calibrate at 460. Whereas the liberals are 205

    News commentators:

    Conservative/"High Integrity" are 460
    Liberals (don't even get a catagory of integrity) 200

    Mahayana Buddhism calibrates at 960
    Episcopalians 510
    New thought, of which Law of Attraction is the basis: 405

    I found it quite the interesting read...kind of lost my hard on for him after this book. In fact I didn't even finish reading it.

  2. thats a very interesting point Pamm !! I will look at the book but the results efinitely look skewed:D Thanks for bringing it to my attention !!

  3. Anonymous7:35 AM

    Hello Mr B,

    Surfed on your site from a
    Google search on Dyer's words.

    Thanks for sharing what you have here. :)

    Thought you or others interested in Dyer might like to view
    these videos.

    Dr Wayne Dyer's Power Of Intention - live seminar



    xo xo

  4. Thanks for the comment and the video Link Deb !! I really appreciate it.


  5. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Just found this fabulous post. I've bookmarked it so I can reference it! So many truths here.

    Love this--
    Recognize this force - I am open to the idea that this force is there, present all around me there is a force i recognize which is at work. I am already connected to what I want and it also wants me.

  6. Evidently inspiring to many, but this pitch seems more than a bit generic and pollyannish.

    Details and context matter. These vague, but potentially true observations can easily be misunderstood and misused. No?

  7. Hi Eric !

    It is a bit generic but back when I wrote it it was a new discovery for me and was very excited. Still if you know what you want these rules can go a long way to bringing peace and balance. Just my thoughts:)


  8. Personally I like Wayne Dyer quotes. Excellent compilation. Thanks a lot for doing like this job.

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