5 Law of Attraction Mistakes to avoid

I was browsing the web and I found "Law of Attraction" blunders by Bob Doyle. Bob mentions 5 points which I find are true and every person commits these mistakes. So instead of getting frustated, watch out and do it right !!!

1. Believing that "Positive Thinking" is enough to attract what you want.

If your subconscious contradicts you then no matter how much positive thhinking you have it will not be enough.

2. Asking yourself, "Well, where is it?"

Stop bein impatient and stop testing the universe. Believe it works and let it go.

3. Determining ahead of time, HOW and WHEN you will attract what you want.

This is a big one, one which I am also guilty of. Do not attach yourself to a particular outcome. Just let it go and do not think about the how and when.

4. Allowing your emotions to be led by "external evidence".

hold your NEW vibration consistently and you will see the internal manifest the external.

5. Not taking care of your limiting beliefs that run at a deeper level.

You can read the complete article and amend your ways. Best of luck !!


  1. Absolute truth~~~ nothing more, nothing less...

  2. hi there,
    thanks for the post! bob doyle is so right about the mistakes to avoid for the law of attraction! many people just misunderstood it!

    if you allow me, i would like to share this free Attraction Accelerator report with you from Bob Proctor, together with Stephen Pierce:
    hope this will shed some light for those who are confused!

  3. I agree with all the five points to avoid the mistakes.

  4. Anonymous6:16 AM

    I agree with all the five points to avoid the mistakes.

  5. Anonymous11:23 AM

    Thanks for posting the 5 blunders. I have definitely made the mistake of attaching to particular outcomes. When I don't attach to a certain result, the universe often provides me with wonderful answers I couldn't have even imagined.