What is Alpha Male ?

There is a theory about alpha males which comes from animals. Alpha's are those males which we consider to be lucky as they have the power, influence, money, charm, fame, love, respect and happiness. They "seem to" have it all. The perception they give is of charm and suaveness, that everything is perfect in their lives.

A lot of us envy them, some respect and admire them while others look at them as evil but all of us deep down inside wonder what is it that they do different. Yesterday I had this long conversation with my friend who is going through some tough times and refuses to see the good. He cannot think that anything is good in his life. He feels there is an invisible hand which is fucking him. So I tried to tell him to accept things what they are and be grateful and things will start changing. But people in that state of mind cannot listen, they keep talking about how everything is bad.

So it was 2 hours before he decided that he has had enough. That conversation made me realize how most people want to run away from problems and make it look like it is the end of the world and get depressed instead of fighting it. It is time to become Alpha and realize how important you are. It could be losing your job, your girlfriend or both or something else but the thing to remember is you still have yourself. And before you had that job, that girlfriend or whatever you lost it was just you to start with. And on your self you managed to manifest a job, a girlfriend or other things...what makes you think you cannot do it again?

Alpha Male is a term you will usually read about in dating realm but it applies to all areas of life.

A good way to visualize alpha is Tyler Durden in Fight Club. He was over the top but mostly Alpha's get behind what they want until they get it. They are brilliant, smart, influential and execute plans with confidence.

Were they born this way? NO. They were conditioned by the circumstances to become that way or they choose to be that way. They all have courage to do whatever it takes.

Lets talk about the characteristics of an Alpha:
-inner strength
-peace of mind
-strong self-belief
-has a game plan
-direct and cocky at times
-get the job done
-proud of themselves
-high self esteem
-Only apologise once, if they are wrong then they forgive themselves and move on
-Practical with control on thoughts and emotions
-Passionate about life

You can also call them self-centered and full of themselves with an edge to follow the dream they have. Ideally that might not sound right but in the real world we adore these people and quickly become followers as we think they know something which we do not.

To the struggling souls out their, whether you are trying to get your ex back or simply trying to learn how to be be more Alpha... work on the inner game..develop these alpha qualities and your outside world will become like that.

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