Stand up for your thoughts !

In this day and time, we are bombarded with outside ideas that we hardly have original ideas. We tend to succumb to the conformity of the world outside and accept things as they are. We do not question things? If someone says it is like this, we accept it.

Remember being a kid, when you were inquisitive and wanted to know everything....Where did that creative force diminish?

Be a rebel and question the validity of any stated comment which tends to influence you. Be aware and pay attention to who and what you want to become into. And then dont let anyone sway your ideas of your self. Be a rebel if you have to ..of course i dont mean to do something which is against the greater good but stand up and fight for something you believe in because you if dont' then nobody else is going to. Become Alpha !!

These posts are a way to remind myself that my inner world is loud and I should listen to it.
Live Strong !!

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