Are you feeling down ?

Even if you have experienced numerous miracles, at times of distress and pressure you always feel hopeless. Some problem or technical issue at hand always seems to try to test you with your strength and courage. It is in these moments of extreme pressure or vulnerability your character is formed. It is when all the positive stuff and being optimistic seems a hoax and nothing seems in order is when you are very close to your goal. Don't give up now and especially do not go to sleep. Take a break !
Explain your situation to your boss, co-worker or family and ask them how they would get past this block. Have fun, try to go and enjoy a warm shower or a great song or a workout and relax and ease up on yourself. Ask yourself what is good about this? Your first response will be "Shut Up..there is nothing good about this!" ...but thats not true that is just frustration talking. Ask again and you will see maybe you need to prepare more or read more or know more to reach or attain or achieve at certain goal.

Remember these problems or as i like to call challenges are there for a reason so you excercise your brain and use your power to grow mentally or spiritually or physically or socially or in some way that you can now perceive the new solution and you know what to do when you get there. So remember the road to success is basically just having control over yourself: No Fear, Calmness and Satisfaction, Present Moment Awareness, Love for things/people around you and harmonious thoughts in the world within.

It seems to always get me out of chaos and center myself to gather my energy and focus on the solution and grow in ever wonderful ways.

In moments of desperation and frustration I always tell myself this quote from John Stuart Mill,“There are many truths of which the full meaning cannot be realized until personal experience has brought it home."

There is a reason I am here at this moment facing some difficulty and should learn the bigger lesson rather than fretting. I am proud to be bestowed with this unique situation at this time of my life. If HE has brought me here HE will get me through. I will come out of this a better and stronger person. I am unstoppable !!!

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