Get rid of Fear and Succeed !! Feel Good were all excited and happy and looking forward to the exciting day you have created for yourself when suddenly you heard from an old unpleasant friend, or your bad vibes hot ex girlfriend(the image on the left) or you owe government some money or any other negative event happened that it brought your hidden fears to surface and all of a sudden the bright sun of opportunities and success seem to be covered by clouds of doubt and fear. Can you relate?

Have you ever questioned why does a certain news make you feel like that. There are two reasons:
1) Focus - everything you are focusing on is your reality. When you hear about this negativity your whole focus is around that. You feel you are going to be suckered into it and you keep dwelling on it, which in turn leads to fear. You tend to give too much importance to these people or events(more than they deserve...they are not important..tell yourself you are important). Ask yourself what do you want to get done in the next hour? And get on with the task. One task at a time and soon you will be a strong person.

2) Fear - Once you are afraid (about how you will confront or what will you say or how you will deal with a situation) you tend to start getting suckered into your own reality of fear. What if the other person attacks your self image or respect or puts you down or the government leaves you no money or your credit will be bad..STOP...(one sec)..BREATHE...(one sec)...THINK about a RED GIRAFFE,no really imagine playing soccer with a YELLOW ELEPHANT and RED GIRAFFE who are the same height as you the giraffe and elephant are rubbing off their colours on you while playing and by the end of 20 minutes you are painted yellow and red..and they kicked your ass in soccer and are giving each other high fives....haha..absolutely ridiculous....but that imagery makes you laugh with a wtf expression and breaks your downward spiral pattern.

Now you have to remember this situation has aroused because you have to experience, grow and make yourself stronger so in the future you will know how to stand up for yourself.

Be PROUD to be who you are and what you have done with your life. Do not let one instance or one ill thinking person or a bad choice or a phone call ruin those countless moments of fun, pleasure, dream and excitement you have created for yourself. And the countless people who think you are a great friend, husband,wife, co-worker,father..etc...

Love yourself, be grateful, give graciously and the good will follow. Go get that angel(isn't she hotter than the ex above, see everything happens for good !!) or that dream job or that wish of yours.

Make a plan of what you want the outcome of a situation to be and start focusing on that. Feel powerful !! And remember once you resolve this, let go of the past differences and live with harmony. Learn to forgive yourself and others.

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