Get the girl - Stop being clingy !

Have you seen those guys, once they get a girl they think of her as her most prized possesion and never want to let go as she is the hottest, most beautiful etc. girl they think they can get. Or on the other end guys who think they can never get the girl as they are too boring for her. Well its mostly the guys who think they can never get a girl, when they land themselves with a girl they become clingy.

Asking her permission to do stuff, saying sory to her if he accidentally flirted with some other hot girl, writing poems all the time when you are away from her, telling her she is your everything, everytime you see her HAHA stop buddy !! You are embarassing the male gender and above all yourself.

She will not say a word but slowly but surely you will lose the girl. One day she will be out on a girls night out and bored that she is by being in the relationship with you, she will look for options. No matter what girls say about the kinda of man they want, in the end they want a MAN. Not some guy who is compromising everything he wants to do, be and have just to keep her in their life. Remember you girlfriend should be a fine addition to your already exciting life, not the only thing in your life. So MAN UP !!

If you say but she is all I got, then stop being emotional and go find some hobbies. Something which you enjoy doing and can do it alone. Something which you are passionate about. You do not need her approval. Be nice and caring but not overly possesive and suspicious. Life your life, enjoy being with yourself and sharing yourself with others. A relationship is a beautiful thing until it is growing, the moment you start becoming clingy you do couple of things:
1) You send the message that you are not independent and need her to depend on.
2) You actions tell her that she is the most important thing in the world, which is great once in a which but your actions speak this out loud all the time. Too much of anything is never good. Everyone is human, nobody is perfect if you put someone on a pedastal they will take you for granted and become or lead you to your worst nightmare.

Like any business in life, ideal and logical things sound great but we live in an emotional world and we have to operate on an emotional level if wish to suceed with people. I have a formula I call it C2P3HD, it stands for Courage-Calmness-Passion-Patience-Persistence-HardWork-Determination and you will need these to suceed at anything in yourlife. To put it in dating perspective:
Courage - You need this to approach a girl and break the ice. Learn to make them laugh. Reclaim your power.
Calmness- Be calm wwhile you are talking to her. Be in control of yourself
Passion - Show passion about your life and hobbies and market yourself. Why you are interesting?
Patience - Once you get the date, Be patient, don't be excited. Remember too close too soon is trouble
Persistence - You need this if the girl is playing hard ball but be persistent in a manly way. Talk with authority. When you call her, just say hi, instead of hi this is Mr. X. Let her guess. Make it fun
HardWork - That's rite like anything in life, be ready to put in the work initially. Trust me with time it will come naturally.
Determination - Also this goes without saying, be DETERMINED about what you wnt and combined with the above properties you will get it.

So stop being clingy and join the MAN CLAN. Remember no matter what you do you will always have yourself to fall back on so build a strong self. Everything you do make sure it will bring you happiness and peace of mind.

For all the women out there who are tired of clingy guys and need a MAN, I think you all need to attract this prince charming.

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