The 6 Styles of Good Doers

What’s your style of doing good? Some strive to be continuously generous, others believe in shaking things up. Some maintain a positive mindset no matter what, others make sure they volunteer for their favorite cause on a regular basis. The beauty of it is - doing good is for everyone. Here are the 6 styles of good doers. 

Dreamers think out of the box. Vision, ingenuity and creativity are their playgrounds.
VALUE Innovators at heart, Dreamers have the ability to take humanity to the next level.
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STYLE For the Planet Saver, the greener - the better. The Planet Saver cares about the environment and shapes his or her lifestyle in accordance with eco values and sustainability. 
VALUE Planet Savers make sure that the world is still here long after we’re not. 
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TAKE ACTION The mother of all green activism organizations, Greenpeace is where sustainability is really fought for. 

STYLE Moral values guide the Idealist’s actions. The Idealist has a strong sense of integrity and seeks justice for all. 
VALUE Idealists not only believe in justice for all - they will go the extra mile for that.
ICONIC IDEALIST Princess Diana. 
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TAKE ACTION Causes is the utlimate home for Idealists.

STYLE The world is the Explorer’s oyster. Ever curious, the explorer is open minded and an adventurer and heart. Explorers are always eager to discover foreign lands and other people - geographically or metaphorically. 
VALUE Explorers are courageous souls - they love seeking more knowledge and expanding information. 
ICONIC EXPLORER Albert Einstein. 
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STYLE Movers & Shakers make things happen. They’re in their element when in the lead, and are happy to give the world what it needs from them: guidance, influence and confidence . 
VALUE Movers & Shakers are natural leaders - they are the fuel of any good-doing operation. 
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TAKE ACTION Get in touch with fellow Movers & Shakers on Meetup, and get your initiative off the ground via Kickstarter.  

STYLE Common sense helps the Peacemaker find common ground. The Peacemaker is an excellent listener and has an extraordinary ability to find and forge a connection between people. 
VALUE Peacemakers are natural solvers of conflict, but even if no conflict arises - they are the connectors, making human interaction much smoother.
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Source : Goodnet