Humility, Gratitude and Swagger

I read about this at and it struck a cord with me. I have always wondered about Humility and Swagger. Jim Murphy talks about this in his book Inner Excellence

Swagger is the confidence that you can connect with the powerful energy of passion, purpose, and poise. Pride isthe false bravado that comes when the ego says, "look at me." What we want, of course, is to have a swagger even when things aren’t going so well.

It’s human nature to be confident when we “succeed” and not so when we “fail.” (I put quotes around succeed and fail because those are black and white labels that don’t necessarily describe the whole picture). Swagger is not so much confidence in yourself, but more so confidence that you can connect with energy beyond yourself. As I said, our own energy often just reacts to circumstances, but there is always confidence, peace, joy, and opportunity in every moment, however we label that moment. We just need to connect with it. Ironically, connecting with your true self also connects you with powerful energy outside yourself. You can read more about this at Inner Excellence