5 Types of Difficult Co-Workers and How to Deal with them

We have all had to deal with difficult co-workers. Let's see which one you are dealing with:

1. Arguementative
This kind will always argue with you, even if you are on their side. They love to argue because they have an insecurity and feel the need to always prove themselves right. Do not argue with them. This is the golden rule while handling an arguementative co-workers. Argument is only going to lead to negativity and ill feeling. Stay calm and be logical about the issue at hand when talking to such co-workers.

2. Gossipy
They will invade your work space to discuss a personal issue or to give you some first hand office gossip. Pretend to be busy. Try to seem occupied with extra important work. Your co-worker will realize that you are not paying attention to the gossip and he/she will move away.

3. Whiney
This kind of co-worker may have some legitimate complaints about the way things are; validate his /her point but do not try to help too much. Whiners are like vampires and they suck every last bit of your energy by their constant nagging. Their view point on life is negative. You cannot change them beacause even Tony Robbins will have a hard time motivating these people, Why? Because they do not want to change. After 2 minutes of whining tell them subtly that you have pending tasks at hand and should get back to work. Get them a self-help book. It will do more good than you trying to validate their misery.

4. Combative/Hostile
Remember that many times such people just need attention or they have some underlying fear. Do not corner such individuals in a conversation. Always ask them to suggest better options and try to detach their ego from the objective at hand. Make them realize the practical errors in their plan rather than making them feel they are wrong. Do not hurt their Egos in the crowd. Possibly talk to them one on one.

5. Stealer
We have them in every office. Always inform your supervisor about the task you are working on. Do not be friendly with them after you find they have tried to steal your work, but still be cordial. Also ensure that you document your conversations with them in an email and send it to them and another person related to the matter(or your supervisor) and title the email as "Discussion Notes".

You have to be tactful in handling difficult co-workers because you will be sharing your work space with them. Rule of thumb is to Never lose your calm and always gather your thoughts before you confront your co-worker. Making a scene is not going to help you or your co-worker, so be diplomatic and Avoid writing anger emails.

Which type of co-workers irritate you and how do you deal with them ?