Gradefix - Get your own Personal Secretary !

GradeFix is a nice service which lets student manage their time better. You simply have to put in your schedule and it will move things around on its own if they are not completed. Its like having your own Personal Secretary;)

There are two plans available free and premium. The only limitation in the free plan is you can have upto a maximum of 10 tasks. When you signup you get to experience the premium version for 30 days.

During sign up in study time i put 7 hours for everyday. And in my classes I added MATH 202, PHIL 101, CHEM 202, CS 111 and ECE 212. The main screen lets you Add Tasks, Customize you Schedule, Use filters to view only specific course tasks and set email reminders. You can also get RSS feeds of your schedule as well.

When you add a task you have an option to add it as Homework, Reading, Quiz Study and Exam Study. I added 6 tasks in the following order:
PHIL 101 - Reading Assignment Due on Feb 14th
MATH 212 - Homework Assignment Due Feb 15th
CHEM 202 - Quiz Due on Feb 15th
CS 111 - Midterm Due on Feb 16th
ECE 212 - Midterm Due on Feb 16th
PHIL 101 - Reading Assignment Feb 23rd
If you want to see all you assignments then set the filter to 180 days. By default it is set to 7 days and it took me sometime to figure out how to display the assignment due on 23rd. Make sure you click the Due Date checkbox to see all due dates in the specified time in the filter.

But the cool thing is it breaks down the time assignment for each day. Once i set the study time to 7 hours each day, GradeFix still showed me study times of 14hrs on 7 hr days. Then I went to the schedule adjuster and adjusted the times there for it to show times of little over 7hrs.

I am sure that means that i have to put in more than 7 hours of study time if I wish to complete my assignment on time. The schedule adjuster does not mention the time units which makes it a little confusing but I assumed it were minutes and it worked well.

Some nice to have features will be to see the time in a calendar like interface so it shows me what time of the day I should be studying rather than just the hours of study. It will also help out to see everything integrated like my study time, class time, activities time and give me a better look at my overall schedule and help me balance work and school.

Overall this is a great tool for students and is priced optimally, not drinking one beer a month will help you manage your schedule and know when to work and when to play. I was wondering if this could be integrated into Outlook or Gmail and further help out so I emailed GradeFix and received an email from Mark Polson, CEO and CoFounder of GradeFix and he mentioned that they are working on an export to iCal, gCal, and Outlook so people can use it for non-school functions. If you are a student with difficulty managing your schedule then go ahead and try this tool at

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