Charisma - How to develop it?

We all have heard alot about it, looked up its meaning in the dictionary but still we don't know how to have it.

So what is charisma..dictionary defines it as a Personal magnetism or charm...

You have to realize that what people think of you is totally based on their perception. If you can change their perception you can change the way they feel about you.

People will help you if you are one of the 3 : influential or rich; kind/nice to them;powerful

Again you do not have to be powerful but getting things done on time gives that perception to people...and as you start getting things done with quality people will start respecting feel start feeling powerful and everyone around you wants to talk to you to pick on your brains. Be nice to them but mind you do not go out of your way to do things unless you really want to. And slowly you will start becoming influential in your environment. And all this time be optimistic. Do not talk bad about anybody in front or behind their back. Be strong and resolute to achieve your goal. Be practical and the most important is have fun while doing all this.

So you see just by practicing simple rules you can be charismatic start today and be cannot force charisma and it will not happen in an instant.

Live with passion for things around you....

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  1. Anonymous8:33 PM

    Charisma....Despite the strong emotions they so often induce in others, charismatic individuals generally project unusual calmness, confidence, assertiveness, dominance, authenticity, and focus, and almost always possess superb communication and/or oratorical skills.