Fear !!

Lets talk about fear .... About 80 % of us are driven by it. Actually some of us are not even aware that we are living in fear....fear of gas prices going up, fear of losing your job, fear of your kids not loving you, fear of being alone, fear of poverty, fear of not being up to other people's expectation...........

Can you relate? At one point or another every human has had some kind of a fear. But the important thing is to find your conscious, sub conscious and unconscious fears and face it.

What is the opposite of fear? Some say fearlessness...but I think it is love. Have love in your heart towards everything and you will find all your fears diminish....resolve to stand true to yourself in the tests of life. Clear your mind and your life will be cleared. Fill it with love for yourself and others. Love does not mean it has to be of any visible form......give the needy, help the poor and have a vision. And you will see love develop in your life.

So what is your first step to get out of the cycle of fear and start living with love...? Its very simple ...today smile at every person you make an eye contact with and say hello. It will take courage because you are not used to it...you might feel like an idiot as sometimes people might not respond..but make sure to give a big confident smile and say "hello, how are you?" and they will respond.

So go out and start sowing seeds of love in the field of manifestations called life.

Until next time....live large and happy !!

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