11 Surefire Habits for Long Term Happiness

The pursuit of happiness is a challenge. It is never about doing difficult things once but always about doing simple things consistently. I have put together a list of things which has helped to make me happy in the long term.
1 Do Everything in Moderation
Too much of anything is bad for us. Know when to say enough is enough. Watching a movie late night and have to get up early, watch half the movie. Exercise self restraint. The sense of control over yourself will make you stronger and help you achieve big goals.

2 Do Something Physical
Put on your favourite music and dance. Go and exercise. Motion creates emotion.

3 Do not run away from life situations
Face the problems as challenges. Successful people do not get overwhelmed by problems but are motivated by challenges. They change their perception and approach challenges with confidence, compassion, and determination.

4 Practice Forgiveness and Let Go
Try not to think the same thought twice. If you catch yourself thinking the same thoughts. Do something about that thought or decided to eliminate it.
You know what is draining you. Let it go to make room for something that inspires and moves you.

5 Explore something new or learn something
It could be as simple as reading a book on a topic which you are interested in or something wild like sky-diving. Learning expands your mind and keeps you young.

6 Stop trying to please. Say No. Say Yes
Do things for others with the intent to serve, not please. Stop overdoing it. Say No - Set your limits and stick to them. Say Yes - Learn to give more to who / what matter most.

7 Eat well
Eating well and on specific times is the single most important thing you can do. You will have more energy for everything you ever wanted to do. Make healthy choices that nourish your body.

8 Be Giving, Gracious and Accepting
Give a compliment. Give a smile. Give a blessing. Give Gratitude. Accept that it is what it is. What are you going to do with it?
Express gratitude for everything – big and small.

9 Prioritize
Once you have goals, make lists. Do what is important first. Do one high value tasks rather than 10 small value tasks. I use Google Tasks and have created a list called Goals. I write down all my Goals here. I also have a TO DO list on which I have all the tasks related to my goals and I prioritize it every night.

10 Be committed and Track your progress
Stop talking about it, do it. Be accountable. Keep a Journal. I use Google Document to do this. In my goals list, beside my goals I write, "-> Tracking in Exercise.doc". Then I write everything related to Exercise in that document. I also create a calendar called Goals in Google Calendar which keeps track of all the dates I went to the gym. The visual is very helpful as in one quick glance I can see all the goal related tasks I have done in past month.

11 Stay Optimistic and Write
The best is yet to come, if you’ll let it. Start a journal or a blog. A life worth living is worth documenting. The written word has the power to heal. Write about your challenges and how you are overcoming them. Connect with other like minded individuals.
Like any list it is not possible to implement everything, but you can implement one habit at a time. Start with the one which you think will be the most beneficial to you. Let me know what are your experiences with the above.
Image Courtesy: TheGiantVermin (license)

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