Believe in yourself !!

This is something we all know, but somewhere along the line we all need to be reminded of this - again and again. In a recent post, "The power of I" I was talking about ego. Do not mistake ego with yourself. You need to have an absolute belief in yourself. As you are going through life, make an effort to distance yourself from the feeling of ego while believing in yourself. Or you might just lose some of your great friends.

Ego as defined by the dictionary is the feeling of thinking that you are better than others. Whereas, belief in self is to focus on your innermost voice and commit to following it to make your way through life and its goodness.

Listen to that want to be a painter or open a charitable organization or work in Paris or take a vacation to the Bahamas or be the next James Bond. It will all come from inside. The difficult part is to listen to it and act. Listen to it and act, Money and all goodness will follow.

We are not perfect and we all stray away from our path. If HE has brought you here, HE will take you through. All you need is the belief. It is not easy as you have fears...the what ifs...the blockages...

What is the solution? Go out there and do what you want to do. Simple and straight. Have fun, enjoy an always focus on feeling good. Address your fears but be focused on the solution. If you can make yourself genuinely happy all the time by finding joy even in the smallest things in your life you have found that voice.

How can you get in that state?
Put on your favourite music or do your favourite workout routine..anything that raises your energy levels. Go do it and then ask yourself, "What do you want to do?".

You can read all the self help book, meditation techniques and countless articles like these but unless you listen to yourself and follow the heart you cannot be truly fulfilled. So get excited(put that piece of music or go on that drive and feel great) and get on it !!! More power to you !

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