Law of Attraction - Michael Losier

After the success of the The Secret,there has been a surge in teachers and books about the law of attraction. I have seen the secret and have applied it and have seen results also. But there is always the doubt element, sometimes it does not work and just a lot of questions emerge as you keep practicing it. I was looking at Amazon and a new book is climbing on the bestseller ranking and is called the Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting of More of What You Want and Less of What You Don't Want.Quite an interesting title, so I read the testimonials on Amazon. I stumbled upon these two videos on YouTube which are a glimpse in Michael Losier the author of the book. The book is short(116 pages) and claims to be the ultimate practical guide to the law of attraction. Love, Friends and it too good to be true? or are we being introduced to a new science which very few people have know for thousand of years. I will leave that for you to decide, I have ordered my copy and I am looking forward to getting a glimpse into what Michael has to say. But I will still stand by my point, start giving love and your life will change around. The Law of attraction might do a quick fix but at the core you still have to become a giving and loving person to attract more of everything in your life and have sustained happiness. Enjoy the videos !!

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