Master Key System - Part 5 of 24

Comments: This part is all about cleaning the mind and make it full of optimism and courage. Once you have a solid mind, then you can create a stronger future.

Part 5: Mental House Cleaning

Matter is powerless, passive, inert. Mind is force, energy, power. Mind shapes and controls matter.You can originate thought, and, since thoughts are creative, you can create for yourself the things you desire. At least ninety per cent of our mental life is subconscious, The subconscious can and will solve any problem for us if we know how to direct it.
The subconscious processes are always at work; We are today the result of our past thinking, and we shall be what we are thinking today, the Law of Attraction is bringing to us, not the things we should like, or the things we wish for, or the things some one else has, but it brings us "our own," the things which we have created by our thought processes.

If either of us were building a home for ourselves, how careful we would be in regard to the plans; how we should study every detail; how we should watch the material and select only the best of everything; and yet how careless we are when it comes to building our Mental Home,If we have stored away nothing but courageous thought, if we have been optimistic, positive, and have immediately thrown any kind of negative thought on the scrap pile, have refused to have anything to do with it, have refused to associate with it or become identified with it in any way, what then is the result? Our mental material is now of the best kind; we can weave any kind of material we want; we can use any color we wish; we know that the texture is firm, that the material is solid, that it will not fade, and we have no fear, no anxiety concerning the future; there is nothing to cover, there are no patches to hide. Mental, moral and physical cleanliness are absolutely indispensable if we are to make progress of any kind.
To gain this estate, three processes are necessary:
1) You must earnestly desire it.
2) You must assert your claim.
3) You must take possession.

The more we give, the more we get. The athlete who wishes to get strong must make use of the strength he has, and the more he gives the more he will get. Power is contingent upon a proper use of the power already in our possession; what is true in every field of endeavor, every experience in life, is true of the power from which every other power known among men is begotten -- spiritual power.

Exercise: Now, go to your room, take the same seat, the same position as heretofore, and mentally select a place which has pleasant associations. Make a complete mental picture of it, see the buildings, the grounds, the trees, friends, associations, everything complete. At first, you will find yourself thinking of everything under the sun, except the ideal upon which you desire to concentrate. But do not let that discourage you. Persistence will win, but persistence requires that you practice these exercises every day without fail.

Q1. What proportion of our mental life is subconscious? At least ninety per cent.
Q2. Is this vast mental storehouse generally utilized? No.
Q3. Why not? Few understand or appreciate the fact that it is an activity which they may consciously direct.
Q4. What is our "Own"? What we inherently are, and is the result of our past thinking, both conscious and subconscious.
Q5. What is the Secret of Power? A recognition of the omnipresence of omnipotence.
Q6. Upon what is the possession of power contingent? Upon a proper use of the power already in our possession.

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