Being Yourself !

The absolute essential for Success is being your self and speaking what you feel and expressing your opinions. Evaluating things for ourself. We need to demand more from ourselves. Being young is no crime, but ignorance is no bliss. Knowing and doing wrong is wrong and being ignorant on purpose is a social crime.

Becoming a real person is about Self-Control and will power not Society-Control. Doing what you beleive will be good for you and for the greater good. And accomplishing it, even if the whole world is against you because you know that in the long run it matters and it will shape you to accomplish bigger and better things.

I dont know who said it(maybe george bernard shaw)but it makes a lot of sense:
"Develop the extraordinary independence of mind and spirit which will enable you to look upon mankind and its affair without being swayed by custom or other people's conventional ideas of right and wrong"

STOP.......and think.....What is all this really about? It is much bigger than you...STOP proving yourself to people..if you did a really good job, it will speak for itself.

Focus, Determination, Courage and Passion.....can move mountains.You have a will power use it to have thoughts which you wish. Create a future which you want. Make this world a better place for yourself and others !

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