Get Obsessed with creating a compelling future !

Its 6:00 am again and you are ready to wake up and start the day...rushing through the morning... and through the day feeling only if I had more time and more control over my life I would be this or do that and have that ......then you end on the couch watching TV having a beer and going to Bed.

Weekends are tooo busy...parties, kids soccer just never have time and you accept it as your life.....It is what it is !!

Well i am here to tell you...there is more. If you think and believe there is more then there is more....Stop taking things the way they are and dare to dream your ideal life and create it. Easier said than done....YES !! But whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.

1) Take out 30-50 mins and decide where do you want to be 5 years or 10 years from now.
2) Write it down. Write down your dream......everything you can think of
3) Then work backwards, to be there in 5 years what should you be doing today.
4) Then Think->ACT->Feedback->Think->ACT->Feedback->Think-> ACT->Feedback->Think->ACT->Feedback->Think and ACT !! some to fire a gun on target you have to GET READY, AIM, FIRE!! instead of FIRE !!! FIRE !!! FIRE !!!! will never hit the target because you are not aiming.

You get the point...see life is like a journey....if you are flying from LA to NYC...the plane does not start and go in a straight line from LA to NYC. The plane takes off and then the pilot keeps on adjusting the course based on wind speed and the same way you have to keep acting and adjusting your actions based on feedback you get....keep tweaking....keep enjoying and keep learning.....Think about it?


  1. Oh Mr Biggs - you are spot on. You're 1st 2 paragraphs could have been written by me!! The challenge is knowing what to do and then doing it when the phone (business) rings just as you're about to take the 30 mins you need to move forward or the kids need attention (read fight breaking out!!!). I find the best way is to create the time I need early in the morning - it also sets me up for the day


  2. are welcome to co-author if you feel like you hae time after taking care of your blogs...I agree....morning time is the best time and should be used to plan well.