Boring Process Dopamine: Unlocking Success Through Simple Mindset Shifts


99% of people know exactly what they should be doing: following a simple, boring process. But no one wants to hear that. So, they waste time and money on complex "solutions."

The Power of Compounding

Everything good in life comes from compounding, which comes from doing the basics, every single day, for a long period of time. In other words:

  • Simplicity
  • Consistency
  • Patience

But this is hard—compounding takes time, and most people give up before seeing results. Fortunately, there's a solution.

The Dopamine Dilemma

People quit things for one reason: dopamine. Or rather, a lack of dopamine. Most people set a goal and think, "I'll be happy once I achieve this goal." This leaves our simple human brains starving for dopamine along the way. Here's what to do instead:

We stick to things we enjoy, and we enjoy things that give us dopamine. So, we need to somehow get dopamine from the monotonous consistency that leads to compounding. I call this Process Dopamine.

Unlocking Process Dopamine: A 3-Step System

  1. Stop Setting Traditional Goals

    First, stop setting goals the way you're currently setting them. Instead, choose an outcome and switch the goal to: "I want to enjoy every second on the journey to achieving X."

    This shift puts the focus on the process instead of the outcome. With this as your focus, you can spend time figuring out how to make the process enjoyable, making achieving the outcome inevitable.

  2. Optimize for Progress

    To love the process, optimize for progress. Find a way to make:

    • Tiny, constant gains
    • Every day or every week
    • For long periods of time

    Trust me – you will get addicted to tiny bits of progress and stick with it forever. This is the key to unlocking Process Dopamine. By optimizing for progress, it's easy to stay motivated.

  3. Use the Daily Leapfrog

    Motivation won't last forever. Along the way, there will be plenty of times where you don't feel like doing the things you know you need to do. This is where the Daily Leapfrog mindset shift comes in.

    Every day you take another step on the path of monotonous consistency, picture this: there are thousands of people who pursued a similar goal but quit on this exact day on their journey. So, picture yourself leapfrogging all of those people. (Silly, but it works!)

Recap of the Boring Process Dopamine System

  1. Stop setting outcome goals. Instead, set goals to enjoy every second on the path to achieving the outcome.
  2. Optimize your path for consistent progress. Aim for tiny, regular improvements that keep you motivated.
  3. Use the Daily Leapfrog. Visualize yourself surpassing others who quit, maintaining your drive on the toughest days.

By adopting these three mindset shifts, you can transform any challenge into an opportunity for growth and achievement. The journey may be long, and the process may be simple and monotonous, but the rewards of compounding through simplicity, consistency, and patience are profound.

Article Source: Dickie Bush