Spread the Love

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Love is all you need. It has the highest energy on the spiritual plane and the more you give it, the more you will get it. Love is a cosmic phenomenon and opens to man “The World of the Wondrous”. Love is selfless and free from fear. Send love to your past, make peace with it. Forgive those who have wronged you and clean yourself of the negative energy you have been carrying around. Clean your emotional body and treat it with love everyday. Send yourself love, send the other person love, send those who wronged you love and slowly it will all become right. All disease, all unhappiness comes from the violation of law of love. Your boomerang of hate, resentment and criticism come back laden with sickness and sorrow

If the wrong cannot be righted, its effect can be neutralized by doing some one a kindness in the present. Sorrow, remorse and regret tear down the cells of the body, and poison the atmosphere of the individual. You are a perfect idea in the divine mind and are always in your right place. Give gratitude, love and good-will to everyone you encounter including yourself. Spread the love.

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