12 Simple Ways to Get on Top of the World !

1. Try Rising Early
"“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise" – Ben Franklin, famously said this. There are numerous benefits to rising early – Meditation, Exercise, Breakfast, Review your goals, set appointments. Make sure you sleep early and as soon as you close the alarm walk outside the room.

2. Practice Patience 
This is a difficult virtue to obtain but with practice you can master it. Accept that you are human. You will grow, learn and change all the time. As humans, we make mistakes. Get over it and get on with life. Forgive yourself for your mistakes, weaknesses and imperfections. Instead of beating yourself up over past mistakes, accept them as part of who you are today.
Life is about progress, not perfection. Confront your fears about not reaching your goals. Remember that the world was not created in one day. Let go of worry. Worrying about tomorrow saps your energy and strength today. Instead, use that energy to work toward your goals. Become your own best friend. You are the only person you will live with your entire life, so get to know yourself well and treat yourself as the valuable person you are. Be patient.

3. Exercise
Make this a daily habit. Exercise not only helps you lose weight, but helps you to think clearly. It makes you feel better and it can be a time to practice concentration by focusing completely on exercising.

4. Meditate
You might not be into New-Age stuff, but meditation is a very simple method for relaxing and replenishing your energy sources.

5. Acceptance
 Accept things the way they are. If you  keep thinking that you will be happy when you get to a certain place in life then you will always be looking for a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Instead, try being happy with where you are, with who you are, and what you have.

6. Visualize
What would your ultimate life be like? Where would you live, what would you do, what would you do with your days? Come up with a clear picture of this, and write it down. Once you know what you want, take massive action. See what is working and omit actions which are not working. Calibrate and keep taking action until you attain your goals.

7. Long Term Goals
Set long term goals and then pick one to accomplish within the next year, and really focus on that. Now, pick one medium-term goal to achieve in the next few months that will get you further toward your longer-term goal. Now decide what you can do this week, and today, to get you to your medium-term goal. Just choose one thing at a time, focus on it, make it happen, and then choose the next thing to focus on.

8. Family Time
Spend as much time as possible with those you love, and truly enjoy those times. Be present as you do it — don’t think about work.

9. Motivate yourself
There will always be times in our lives when we get a little down. Remember how you feel depends on what you focus on. Change what you are focusing on and you can easily make yourself feel better.

10. Focus on pleasure, not pain
If you find yourself struggling to do something, stop thinking about how painful it might be to actually do the task but focus on the long-term pleasure (Benefits, Opportunities) you will gain by finishing the task. By changing the way you see things, you can change how you feel about them and make it easier to get things done.

11. One-Task-One-Time
Avoid Multi-tasking. Day to Day, moment to moment focus on one task at a time. This leads to greater productivity and less stress. You can have multiple goals but when you are doing something make sure you give it your 100% attention.

12. Help others
Volunteer some of your time. All of us can find a couple of hours in a week or a month. You will build connections with humble and good people who might influence and bring more positivity in your life.

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