Outliers, Success and Positive Traits

Chase Jarvis, the successful photographer says you only need two things for success

1. Be Undeniably Good.
2. Dedicate at least 10,000 hours to whatever it is you're looking to master.

It sounds like common sense, the "10,000 hours to becoming an expert" theory is the invention of Malcolm Gladwell in his book currently creating sensations, "Outliers". I have not read Outlier but have had enough people talk to me about it. Brad Isaac has a great article of 6 success strategies hidden in "Outliers". The 6 strategies he mentions:
1. Put the 10,000 hour rule to work as quickly as possible - Gladwell points to many "geniuses" in current times and history. But also goes into depth about how all of these geniuses had the advantage of working 10,000 hours or more on their trades before they became well known. Ex: Michael Jackson, Bill Gates, Beatles

2. Learn great negotiation & communication skills
3. Rise early – Gladwell details how the Chinese philosophy of rice farming may be the single most important factor in determining why statistically, people from the orient are better at math than everyone else.
”Anyone who rises before dawn 360 days each year never fails to make his family rich.”
4. Seek autonomy – Gladwell repeatedly calls on the subject of autonomy. He says that the people who are successful were fortunate enough to have freedom to pursue their interests. While other people do not have this freedom.
5. Take advantage of your gifts – When we discuss success, it means something different to everyone. For some it might be monetary success. For others it might be fame.
6. Take advantage of luck

Communication skills are very important as you need to be able to market your genious. Some traits which we should constantly strive to develop are: see problems as challenges, determination, dedication, single minded focus, smile at people, always open your mind to welcome ideas and suggestions, count your blessing, apply positive way of speaking, carry positive body language.

I think the strategy which has worked for me is to listen to what people have to say, be patient and follow up.

What is your strategy for success?

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