Power of Giving !!!

I just want to share a small story with you all. The story is about giving. Don't mistake giving with spending.

Last year in November I decided that every month I will give $100 to feed the hungry. I was not expecting anything and little did I know what message I am giving to the universe.

So came November 31st and I gave $100 to World Vision, December 31st I gave $100 to World Vision and so on if I missed a month then I made sure that the following month I gave $200. I really started to enjoy giving. Now November was also the time I started my own company and I was just looking back yesterday, the money I have given has came back to me more than 100 folds.

I was extremely surprise as I was not expecting anything. I now realize the power of giving and selflessness. So I encourage you all to make a small shift and start giving. You do not have to give money, you can give people a smile or happiness. Just do it out of selflessness and it will give you a peace at heart knowing you have made a difference.

I was rather intrigued by this phenomenon. It is very similar to the concept of Tith as talked about in the Bible. Regardless of its origin I believe in the power of giving and I encourage you to practice it for yourself and let me know your experience.

Enjoy your being !


  1. Anonymous5:13 PM

    That is so great to hear! I'm glad you are getting what you deserve in life. I hope you keep attracting all your hopes and dreams.

    Happy Blogging

    Tom LeDree

  2. giving is always a beautiful thing. It's wonderful that you give so much per a month to those who need it!