Addicted to Growth !!!

I have been tagged by Steli, a blogger whom I have known recently through MyBlogLog and whom I have come to respect due to his initiative Supercool School. Vote for his education proposal at ChangeThis.

So the question is why I am successful? When I started this blog I made a post called Five Practical Rules to Making it Big. I will take some of the points from that to answer this question.

Firstly I defined success for myself to be in the top 1000 blog on Technorati, so I am not quite there yet. I started this Blog as a personal motivation blog. To collect and tell myself things which will motivate me and basically get the job done. As I went along I discovered a community and love from so many people that it inspired me to start writing for others.

My single biggest asset is persistence. Just keep at it. If you want to make your blog successful then just write consistently and you will get noticed. Don't be too obsessed with the results focus on the task and be optimistically confident you will reach there. Enjoy the process, love your competition and give your support to everybody.

I wrote in Self Help Hoax, that have a sense of direction and you will always succeed. You know everything which you need to know to reach to the next level, don't wait. Just make a plan and execute it, don't wait to make a perfect plan as then you will always be dreaming of that perfect plan. You will grow as you move out of your comfort zone, and learn and grow some more. Love life and people and accept that people out there will love you for who you are and embrace your uniqueness.

Believe in yourself and that you and only you can attract your desires in your life. Learn from life as you go on and you will see why some are successful while others are not. In the Game of Life you will win only if you think you can. Strong ideas and beliefs will make a stronger you, which will attract other people to your ideas and beliefs. Stay confident, persistent and stand up for your thoughts. If you jump from a building you will die regardless of whether you are a good person or a bad person because of the Law of Gravitation. So understand the laws of the universe and gear your desires in accordance with them and you will become an ustoppable force. Just feel good about yourself and leave the rest to the universe.

Express love towards things in your life, give away to the needy and get rid of your fears by doing things which you are afraid of and you will soon see this momentum in your life which will make people wonder what do you do different.

Be in the moment and enjoy the process and you will be successful. Success is an inner attitude, once you attain it inside you will have it outside.

Hope my 2 cents will help you !!


  1. Anonymous6:30 PM

    This did help me a lot. It seems like you have your stuff together on this blog. I will be back regularly to read up and find out more.

  2. Anonymous10:09 PM

    "Be in the moment and enjoy the process and you will be successful. Success is an inner attitude, once you attain it inside you will have it outside" Yeah man! What a great point! Much power to you! Steli