When there is a will, there is a way !!!

Alps, Innsbruck, AustriaUsually I post images in the vision blog, this is an exception. I took these pictures when I was in Innsbruck, Austria last year. This place is just breath taking. The whole city is in between mountains and if you stand on the street and look at the mountains you can feel the powerful energy they have.

Not fearing and dominating everything around them they stand might and bold. From the tallest peak to the trees down in the valley they stand in my face commanding my undivided attention. The beauty and strength of their presence cannot be put in words.

Alps, Innsbruck, Austria Yet this insurmountable, indefeasible mighty and bold has not stopped man from carving a way through them.. A way has been made, houses have been built and life has adapted. Taming the untamed-able and defeating/compromising with the harsh forces of nature. If you have a will you can make a way.

Stand bold and strong. The scratches and chipping from the external environment does not effect the mighty and bold. It just makes it more beautiful outside and stronger inside. Clear the mind and rest it. Let the external environment not get the internal calm. The power is yours.
Alps, Innsbruck, Austria

Alps, Innsbruck, Austria


  1. Hey! I like that analogy, the pics really brought that home! great post!