Happy New Year...Work Harder

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Do you feel life is going fast and you have no time, Stephen Covey said in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People that all tasks in your life can be divided into 4 areas:
1. Important and Urgent
2. Not Important but Urgent
3. Not Important Not Urgent
4. Important and not Urgent

Its the things which are Important but not Urgent, which will shape the course of this new year and your life. So take time out and ask what is important to you and make a plan. Then start working your plan.

Think about your goals and get down to planning it with deadlines. Breakdown the goals into tasks. Get up in the morning, look at your tasks. Make that phone call, renew that plan, cancel that service, schedule that appointment, take a break, do that report,make the presentation, have fun with it. Do it with passion and put your heart into it. When the person talks to you on the phone or meets you in person let him feel the energy. One after another you are just knocking down tasks and getting up and fighting harder every time you fall down.

In the process you will have mind blocks, just sit down with yourself and talk through them. One thing at a time. Relax, go out and meet some friends. Treat yourself right, give yourself the respect you deserve. Let go of your worries to the universe. Get in a good state of fun and appreciation.

Everything around you will slowly start changing. The change happens in the mind first, then once your vision is strong you will be able to be persistent and consistent in your actions and your life will start changing.

Have a Persistent, Hard Working and Successful Year !